In 2008,

Birth of Laroze de Drouhin

At the service of customers' expectations.

Created in 2008 at the initiative of Caroline Drouhin, the purpose of this wine trading company is to complete the range of our products.

From the outset, Caroline Drouhin decided not to take advantage of possible confusion with the Domaine Drouhin Laroze, and created a new logo and label.

The choice was also made to follow a quality schema that gives preference to the purchasing of grapes from careful wine growers who respect their vines and terroirs in order to obtain impeccable quality.

The regular monitoring of these vineyards all year round, the possibility of intervening if need be to carry out leaf thinning or grape thinning, or to harvest the grapes with our own team are so many operations that contribute to optimising quality.

The winemaking is done on the premises of the Domaine Drouhin Laroze, taking advantage of the efficient facilities and the advice of Philippe and Nicolas Drouhin.
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